Architectural Furnishings by Tempo
Architectural Furnishings by Tempo (AF) was established by Gabriel McKeagney as Tempo Carpentry & Design, Inc. (TCD) in 1998. Our mission is to provide our clients with exceptionally artistic and architecturally pure woodwork that enriches their daily lives. Because we undertake projects of the most challenging and intricate kind, we have quickly become the foremost designer and maker of European woodwork in Orange County, CA.

Gabriel McKeagney

Our work represents a dedicated marriage between traditional craftsmanship and the latest technology. As a result, our clients, including homeowners, designers, and builders, love the uniqueness, authenticity, and originality of our work, as well as the wide range of projects we complete. These central platforms put AF in a class by itself:

  • Architectural design purity – refreshing balance of aesthetic and function
  • Mastery of European aesthetic, specializing in French, Spanish, and Italian
  • A full-time workforce of designers, engineers, artisans, and wood carvers
  • Technological advances: CAD design, CNC manufacturing, and digital imaging
  • Innovative solutions to complex issues

Gabriel McKeagney is a fifth-generation artisan whose ancestors built furniture, carts and traps, and stately manor houses in Ireland. He grew up in Co. Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, surrounded by old tools, artifacts, and stories of cartwheel construction.
Driven by a desire to continue the legacy passed down by his ancestors, Gabriel spent his apprenticeship in Ireland making custom furniture and constructing new homes. He then spent three years in London, England, specializing in architectural reproductions of historical woodwork in many of London’s preserved buildings.
With a reputation for providing unrivaled woodwork, and often starting with nothing more than an artistic notion, Gabriel can turn even the smallest room into a breathtaking work of art. With his decades-long experience, Gabriel McKeagney has earned his reputation as a Master Woodworker.